INSPIRATION INFORMATION: James Davis "Better Than You Are" Music VIdeo

There is something about the night time that brings about an overwhelming feeling of solace and reflection. In big metropolis cities like New York and Los Angeles, the stark dichotomy between daytime and nighttime are more obvious. Cities overflowing with movement and action taper off into a quiet descent of slowness. I have been living in Los Angeles a little over a year now and I have come appreciative of night drives and the mountainous landscapes that intertwine with cityscapes and scattered, colorful lights. That is why the debut music video for James Davis “Better Than You Are” had a powerful resonance within my heart.

These visuals Inspired me to create something understated, minimalist, with a driving beautiful melody. Allowing for such a simple concept of driving allows the viewers and listeners to drift away to be alone with our thoughts. This video made me think of epic nights of great sweat covered vibes of dancing and loud trap music followed by quiet taxi or Uber drives home. Movies like “Taxi Driver”, “25th Hour”, and “Blue Caprice” come to mind where a car is a character as well as a city.

When I first moved to Los Angeles I began making a list of all of the places and landmarks that I wanted to visit. Randy’s Donuts, The Roxy, Pink’s, et cetera. There is a sort of pride that overcomes me when I see images of the city that I’m currently living or know about on the computer, tv, or movie screen. I found myself writing for a few hours with this song on repeat into early morning. Watch below, maybe this video leave you just as inspired, especially if you’re an LA resident.

James Davis "Better Than You Are" Follow James Davis: Debut EP coming soon...